Manual therapies including massage, joint mobilization, osteopathic techniques, stretching and muscle re-education techniques

  • Therapeutic exercise incorporating therapy balls, balance discs/boards, stairs, etc.
  • Land treadmill
  • Cold laser
  • PEMF/alpha stim/ neuromuscular electrical stimulation
  • Force Plate Analysis
  • Harness and brace fittings
  • Cart/Wheelchair measuring
  • Underwater Treadmill

Cart Rentals

Canine wheel chairs are a great tool for short tem use while your dog is recovering,or to test drive them to evaluate for purchase. Minimum monthly rentals are available for dogs as small as Dachshunds and for dogs up to 150#.



  • Performance dog evaluations and individualized conditioning programs




  •    Puppy evaluations


Weight Loss Program

Did you know.....

    Both owners and dogs that walk regularly weigh 15% less than those

       that don't!

    Dogs at ideal body weight live up to 2 years longer! 

    Overweight dogs have increased risk of joint disease,pulmonary 

        and heart disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, and cancer! 

We can Help!  

     We will Work with your vet to design a weight loss program based on the dog's and owners goals and abilities!

         Land and Underwater Treadmill exercise available





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