Manual therapies including massage, joint mobilization, osteopathic techniques, stretching and muscle re-education techniques

  • Therapeutic exercise incorporating therapy balls, balance discs/boards, stairs, etc.
  • Cold laser
  • PEMF/alpha stim/ neuromuscular electrical stimulation
  • Acoustic Compression Therapy (Shockwave)
  • Force Plate Analysis
  • Harness and brace fittings
  • Cart/Wheelchair measuring


  • Performance dog evaluations and individualized conditioning programs




  •    Puppy evaluations


Weight Loss Program

Did you know.....

    Both owners and dogs that walk regularly weigh 15% less than those

       that don't!

    Dogs at ideal body weight live up to 2 years longer! 

    Overweight dogs have increased risk of joint disease,pulmonary 

        and heart disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, and cancer! 

We can Help!  

     We will Work with your vet to design a weight loss program based on the dog's and owners goals and abilities!






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