I cannot say enough about the care that my dogs have received from Jean Pavlakos at Our Hearts Canine Rehabilitation.  Jean provides more than physical therapy – she provides genuine love, caring and concern for each animal and owner.

Scarlett, a fence-hopping Brittany was hit by a car on a snowy New Year’s Eve.  After undergoing a femoral head resection, Scarlett was referred to Jean for her post-surgery physical therapy.  After a thorough course of exercise and laser therapy, Scarlett not only made a complete recovery but went back to fence-hopping!   Sweetie, a ten year old Brittany rehabbed her ACL repair with Jeanne – at age 15 she still danced for her dinner. Max, my twelve year old Brittany is cursed with terrible conformation, as well as bad luck.  Jean has seen him though ACL tears, severe arthritis in nearly all joints, shoulder issues and Max is still able to enjoy chasing birds thorough it all, due to the love, cookies and physical therapy treatments he receives at Our Hearts Canine Rehab. 

When my agility competition dog, Tressel, received a potentially career-ending shoulder dislocation, my first call after seeing his veterinarian was to Jean Pavlakos.  With a combination of laser therapy, muscle stretching and targeted exercise, not only did he recover but went on to achieve his Master Agility Champion (MACH) six months later.  He continues to see Jean for preventative care so he can continue to play for as long as he wants to.  I completely credit Jean with Tressel’s success and continued comfort.




Gizmo was hit by a car. His left front paw had nerve damage and his left lung collapsed. Once he started walking again he did not put weight on his front paw. Gizmo came to Jean for laser and physical therapy. Gizmo LOVED coming to see Jean. He would pull me up the stairs and run into her room. With time and therapy Gizmo regained full use of his leg. Gizmo was rescued by Joseph’s Legacy and placed in foster care until he found his forever home. Jean was an important part of that process….Linda Martin



K-9 Maximus


K9 Maximus, one of Cincinnati’s most highly decorated police dogs was severely injured during a search and criminal apprehension assignment on February 28th, 2005. “Max” is a two time National Champion at the USPCA National dog trials.


"I truly believe had it not been for the rehabilitation Maximus received with Jean of Our Hearts Canine Rehab and by using the Canine Underwater Treadmill, he would have never been able to work the streets of Cincinnati ever again."  Officer John J. Neal - Cincinnati Police Department Canine Division

Murphy had FHO surgery the end of March 2007. By May he was only walking on three legs and had a dangling right rear leg with little muscle mass. We thought Murphy probably would not walk on his right leg again. At times I thought his leg might have to be amputated. Our vet told us that if he was not putting weight on the leg by the first of June, he would have to do exploratory surgery on the hip to find out what was wrong. In May, we found Jean. She used a cold laser on Murphy, started stretching him, used the therapy balls, had him go up and down a ramp, up and down steps, had him go over and under bars, do figure eights, and gave us exercises to do with him at home. Each week that we visited Jean, she did something different with Murphy. He finally started toe tapping. We were really thrilled to see that! When he went for his checkup, the vet decided to wait on surgery and see how Murphy progressed with physical therapy with Jean. By the middle of June, Murphy was walking on four legs some of the time! We were excited and began to feel that Murphy would really walk again on four legs! Jean had told us at the first visit that she was confident that Murphy would walk on four legs again. Weekly visits with Jean continued and Murphy started running on four legs outside. WOW! Jean would gently and lovingly push Murphy to his limit. She knew how far to push Murphy. Murphy went to visit the vet in September and the vet said that he had no reason to have Murphy come back for checkups.


We have Jean to thank. Had we not found Jean, I doubt that Murphy would be walking, running, and playing on four legs. Without Jean, I know Murphy would have had to have a second surgery. Jean is caring, gentle, and has a true love for dogs. Murphy, Doug, and I have Jean to thank for helping Murphy get back to walking, running, playing, and enjoying life pain free. Murphy is glad to be a free spirited dog again!





Bella is a 5 year old Giant Schnauzer.  When she was 3 she tore her left CCL and within 6 months tore the meniscus in the same leg.  Each of the tears resulted in a surgery.  Her post operative care included underwater treadmill treatments twice a week. 

When Bella was five, she tore her right CCL and again had to have surgery to repair it.  This time around her post operative care was expanded to include twice weekly physical therapy sessions with Jean Pavlakos.  Jean worked with Bella's surgeon to ensure the level of therapy was appropriate for Bella's situation.  Aware of Bella's history and wanting to improve Bella's overall condition, Jean also worked on Bella's left leg in order to retain its strength and flexibility. 

Jean was very gentle as she massaged and stretched Bella's leg.  She encouraged Bella to work hard on strengthening, balance and coordination as she guided Bella through her exercises - but never to the point of discomfort.  Bella loves her sessions with Jean and is very enthusiastic about her therapy.  Best of all, Bella's recovery time has been cut nearly in half, compared to her previous two surgeries.  Today, only 5 months post op, Bella runs and plays almost as much as before. 

If you wish to reduce your dog's post operative recovery time and improve their ability to return to normal activities as quickly as possible, I highly encourage you to consider the benefits of physical therapy as offered by Jean.

Marie Castore

Billy Boy Stephens
Bill suffered a herniated disc in his back and had corrective surgery.


“When Bill was taken in for his emergency operation, the surgeon gave Bill an 80 to 85% chance of walking again. When we took him back to have his staples out, he told us to Take Bill home and put him in a cage and leave him there. Needless to say my husband and I were devastated. My daughter found Carmen and Jean on the Internet and we made an appointment right away. So you see Bill is truly a miracle dog and to us, Carmen and Jean were the miracle workers. Bill also receives acupuncture from Dr. Rogers on a regular basis. I cannot say enough good things about these three ladies because they all worked together so my Bill could walk again! YOU GO GIRLS!!!!”

Linda Stephens

“When I first met Carmen and Jean, I was recovering from back surgery and could not walk. But I still had hope that I might be able to walk again on my own. Carmen and Jean told me to come work with them three times a week and if I agreed then there was a good chance that I would soon be able to walk again. During those three days Carmen would put a harness and leash on me and I would get into a water treadmill filled with warm water. At first I did not do very well in the treadmill, but by the 4th or 5th trip I was starting to get the hand of it and Carmen had me walking. I would improve a little each week!

After each treadmill session I would go and see Jean for my therapy. Each session started with a back massage and Jean’s massages are to die for! She would exercise my legs and and work me out on her equipment, and then I would get another back massage! By then I was ready to go home with my Mom and Dad! I was really tired.

Eventually I had made such progress that I only had to visit Carmen and Jean twice a week and then once a week. Finally I had graduated and I am able to walk again.
Without Carmen and Jean I never would have been able to get this far! I love them very much and hope my Mom will take me back to visit them often. For without their guidance and encouragement, my Mom and Dad said I surely would never have walked again.

Your friend always,
Bill the Beagle 

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