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Swimming is a wonderful non weight bearing activity for all dogs who enjoy the water. 10 minutes of continuous swimming is great for a cardiovascular workout to build endurance. Swimming also strengthens core and limb muscles as well as increases flexibility in the joints.

A few thoughts on safety however:



  • NEVER leave your dog unattended.
  • Make sure your dog is acclimated to the water and not afraid to participate.
  • Canine swim vests are available and offer extra protection to a geriatric or  weakened dog, or one that is just somewhat fearful.
  • If it is the beginning of the season start slow and build gradually as you should with any new exercise.
  • If swimming in a pool, make sure your dog knows where the stairs are, and how to use them.
  • If swimming in a chlorinated pool it is wise to rinse your dog off with fresh water to prevent irritation.

Sooo…go have some fun!



Canine Massage

Massage is a great way to relieve or prevent soreness after a day of heavy exercise/activity or competition….OR….to just connect with your dog.


Find a quiet place where both you and your dog are in a comfortable position. A small dog can be placed on a bed, a large dog on a comforter or pad on the floor.


Benefits of massage:

  • Relaxation and Decrease Stress (endorphin release, decrease blood pressure)

  • Increase circulation and blood flow

  • Increase nutrients and decrease waste products (lactic acid) to muscles

  • Decrease pain

  • Decrease swelling

  • Increase soft tissues ability to stretch

  • Develop a bond between you and your dog

  • Pick up on lumps/heat/swelling/pain, that may be present

Contraindications to Massage:

  • Open wounds/ new incisions

  • Lameness/ Acute injury

  • Poor appetite and lethargy

  • Infections/ tumors/ fractures/ burns/ frostbite


  • Use light to moderate contact touch, hands relaxed, never pinch or grip

  • Move slowly and evenly

  • Always maintaining one hand in contact with your dog

  • Always move in the same direction of the coat

  • Do not massage over spinous processes or bony prominences

There are many resources available on massage techniques, and it is often a good idea to follow a massage with gentle stretching.


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